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Spring 2019 - Adult League Registration NOW OPEN!

Oct 26, 2018

Recreational Program Description

Rules: Men over 19
* All players must be registered and paid up in full by start of the first game to be added to a team and to play
* Roster Minimum 10 players At start of 3rd game, roster is locked 
* Two 27 minute halves with a 6 minute half-time break
* 7v7 format
* Non-roster players may not be used if your team has 8 or more players available.
* Five players needed to start game 
* Teams must bring ID to all games
* No profanity
* No fighting or aggressive behavior – will result in expulsion for season, one year or permanent ban 

League will follow FIFA Rules, except:

* No slide tackles (automatic yellow card)
* No Punting (keeper must throw)
* No Offside
* No goal kicks past the half-line
* Yellow Card: Player must sit out 2 minutes, Carries over to next game on same day, Game suspension possible if player gets yellow card two games in a row
* Straight Red Card (must leave park immediately): Two game suspension, Consistent infringement may result in suspension or removal from league

What equipment is needed?

* Players may wear either turf shoes or cleats for games
* Size 5 soccer ball
* Shin Guards are required for all games
* No jewelry* No hard casts
* No caps with bills (keeper may wear referee approved head covering)


Season cost: $125 (includes uniform)


Questions? E-mail us at lawrenceville@unitedfa.org

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