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How To Become A Referee



What classes do I have to take to become a referee or upgrade? Go to www.gareferees.com to sign up for referee classes as noted below.

Grade 09 Entry Class

Fee is $90.  The Entry Class for R9 is designed for persons under 15 years of age. It has two parts, an online session and a classroom/field session that focuses on how to officiate. Both sessions are required. The online session must be done first and can be done at any time. Allow 2 - 6 hours to complete. Register for a class, then log in and begin the Session Tracker. Follow the directions on the screen. Then attend the class. There will be low-intensity field work at the class, so dress appropriately. As a Grade 9 referee you will be eligible to referee U-14 and younger recreational games, and be an assistant referee on U-14 recreational and select games.

Grade 08 Class

Fee is $90.  The “new” Gr08 Course has three parts, and takes the place of the bridge course and the adult player/returning referee course.  This course is for all brand new referees who are 15 years of age or older AND for all grade 9 referees who are 15 at the time of the class.  The first section is online learning, which is a review of the Laws of the Game. The second is an online test, which you can take with or without a copy of the LOTG. It is almost entirely on the restarts -- what is the restart after play is stopped and when is the ball in play at each restart. The third session is a full day in the classroom and on the field and will concentrate on the methods by which you apply the LOTG. It is followed by a final exam.

Annual Recertification Classes

Every referee is required to take a recertification class for each registration year. The registration year runs from January 1 to December 31.  Recert classes for the following year will be scheduled prior to the start of the fall season.   This insures that all referees are current with any rule changes that take place during the summer for the upcoming fall/spring season. If you do not take a recert class prior to the fall season, you will need to take classes prior to 12/31, or prior to the spring season.  However, your current registration will expire on 12/31 of the current year.

For all referee certification classes in the state, (new and recertification) click here. And read the Guide to Procedures here.

Referee Assignments

If you are a referee and would like to be scheduled for UFA matches, please see the information under "How to Get Assigned".

Referee Payment 

All referees are required to submit a W-9 form. Click here to download the form.  Please mail the form to United Futbol Academy, PO Box 1168, Cumming, GA 30028, or fax it to (844)-468-6832. You will not receive a paycheck until UFA has the W9 on file.

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