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United Futbol Academy’s (UFA) mission is to provide soccer players of all ages the appropriate level of play and training in a supportive environment where skills for soccer are developed alongside skills for life.

Our goal is to promote the game of soccer by providing a positive learning atmosphere, where players can achieve their full potential in the development of their technical, tactical, physical and mental skills, regardless of skill and ability.

Our purpose is to create challenging programs that are attractive to the novice player, challenging to the average player, and demanding to the most advanced player wanting to play at the highest level.

We want to develop a multicultural organization with a vast array of staff and players to further enhance the culture of the game in an environment that is professional yet enjoyable.

Many leagues have emerged throughout the past few years and through our effort to stay in line with our Mission Statement, we have had to decide on a clear player pathway that will benefit our players the best.


Elite Clubs National League and Regional League (ECNL and ECNL RL)

The Elite Clubs National League is a development, identification, and competition platform for top youth male and female soccer players in the United States. For more than a decade, the ECNL has worked to positively impact the youth soccer landscape and enhance the player experience.Built on a foundation of respect and empowerment of grassroots leadership, the ECNL combines the power of collaboration with forward-thinking strategy to make the day-to-day environment better for everyone involved.
Click here for more information on the ECNL program.


Southeast Atlantic Premier League (SAPL) and Southeastern Club Champions League (SCCL)

The SAPL is a boys-only league that will be run from the Norcross branch. This is a very competitive regionally-based league. Meet the 2021-2022 SAPL Coaches at UFA Norcross

The top tier of the SCCL is called Club Based. The SCCL Club Boys will play out of Forsyth and the Girls will play out of Norcross. Games will be mostly in Georgia with a few matches in neighboring states.

For specifics on each league go to the tab on the UFA website.
Click here for more information on the SAPL program.
Click here for more information on the SCCL program.



Southeastern Club Champions League (SCCL) Premier Divisions/Georgia Soccer Select

Select Teams (U13 through U19) that participate in iether the SCCL Premier Divisions or Georgia Soccer are placed in different divisions. The placement is made by a number of criteria.  Both leagues work on a promotion and relegation system.

  • SCCL teams are placed in Premier Divisions 1-5
  • In Georgia Soccer, Boys are in the Classic Division (Classic 1-5) and Girls are in the Athena Division (Athena A-E)
  • U13 and U14 play a Fall and Spring season and compete all over GA and neighboring states.
  • U15 and up only play a Fall season and play high school in the Spring.  They also compete all over GA and neighboring states.
  • All the UFA teams, U13 and up that have the Red, Gold, Black, or White denominations, will compete between Classic 1/Athena A and Classic 5/Athena E within GA Soccer or SCCL.

As a large club with multiple branches, we have been working on providing good competition for our more competitive teams at U12 and up.
Click here for more informaton on the SCCL program.


Georgia Soccer is our State Association. United Futbol Academy is a member of GA Soccer since our establishment in 2010. For the many years, all UFA teams were competing under the GA Soccer umbrella.

Recreational Teams played in house due to our large number of players

Academy Teams (U8 through U12) play an 8 months’ season competing against other GA Soccer Club members.

Recreational Program is our entry level soccer for young people from age 3 through 19.

There is no skill level requirement at any age, i.e. we will have children of all levels participating on each team in our program. UFA has developed a system that provides both a fun and productive environment for players at all levels. Each team requires a volunteer parent coach, however a professional trainer is provided who works with each age group once a week.  Although the focus is predominantly on the enjoyment of playing the game, coaches are encouraged and supported to teach as much about the game as possible in the recreational environment. This will give players confidence, knowledge and a help them to excel in the sport.


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